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The SSB Interview is a different Interview. If you are preparing to become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. You may have an idea that the SSB Interview is the mandatory phase to clear to become an officer in the Indian Army or Indian Navy or Indian Air force etc. It is hard to clear the Interview if you are not prepared for it. You need to join the best institute that could prepare you in an easy and effective manner. Join the Major Kalshi Classes, A Best SSB Coaching in Allahabad that provides the best education and training. Before moving further details about the Interview’s preparation. Here are the details about the SSB Interview.

SSB Interview Process:

The SSB Interview is five days long and each day there is a different type of tests and activities. Here is the process of five days of the interview. Candidates can check the pattern of the SSB Interview.

Stages Test
Stage 1 Screening Test
  • Verbal and non-verbal tests.
  • PPDT
Stage 2 Psychological Test
  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self Description Test (SD)
Group Testing Officers Test
  • GD
  • GPE
  • PGT
  • HGT
  • IOT
  • Command Task
  • Snake race/Group Obstacle Race
  • Individual lecture
  • FGT
Personal Interview -
Conference -

The SSB Interview is for 900 marks. On the basis of the performance in the Interview, candidates will be given marks. You need to join the Best SSB Interview Coaching in Allahabad that could train you, educate you, and make you able to clear the Interview. The Interview is different and most of the candidates (around 70%) get rejected on day 1 of the Interview.

The Major Kalshi Classes provides the Best Coaching for SSB Interview in Allahabad and can easily prepare you for the Interview. Here are the details of our coaching academy’s SSB preparation

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Major Kalshi Classes for SSB Interview Preparation:

The Major Kalshi Classes has a team of Ex-Defence Officers and Ex-SSB Interviewers. It becomes very easy to get trained for the SSB Interview under the officers and examiners. It may be tough for the normal teacher or Instructor to train you for the Interview. We have given the maximum selection in the Defence every year. Well, the training for the SSB Interview can be given offline only, as there are many activities that a candidate needs to do practically to understand better. There is basically 14-15 Officers’ Like Quality on the basis of which Interviewers or Examiners select the candidates. You need to build officer-like quality to clear the Interview.

Well, our team is here to help you in every manner regarding the Interview and make you able to clear the Interview. Join the Best SSB Coaching in Prayagraj and get the best, easy and affordable training for the SSB Interview. Here are the SSB Interview Courses details.

SSB Interview Course Fee Details:

Course Name/Code Course Duration Form Fee Course Fee Total Payable Amount
SSB Interview/3301 14 Days Rs.525/- Rs.10,000/- Rs.10,525/-
Screening/3302 3 Days Rs.525/- Rs.3,000/- Rs.3,525/-
Psychology/3303 3 Days Rs.525/- Rs.3,000/- Rs.3,525/-
GTO/3304 4 Days Rs.525/- Rs.4,000/- Rs.4,525/-
Interview/3305 3 Days Rs.525/- Rs.3,000/- Rs.3,525/-